last updated : January 2015


Experienced Software Engineer seeking a challenging and fun opportunity working with smart peers to build state of the art scalable web software.



I am very passionate about what I do. My several years of experience has been mostly in building scalable web based applications and web services. I have excellent experience building enterprise and consumer applications and scaling them in the cloud ecosystem. My primary skills and strengths are mostly backend and architecture, but I do take a dab at frontend when needed. Recently I have also been dabbling with mobile application development using Titanium Appcelerator to publish a few apps.


I have experience working in Corporate culture (Yahoo!) as well as very early stage startups with limited resources. I love taking products from conception to reality as efficiently as possible.


I can understand not just the technical details of a project, but the goals and strategies of the business as well.This allows me to make wise executive decisions about the resources that a project needs and the most profitable directions to work in.


Technical Skills

I am very comfortable with many technologies and tools in front and back end web development, database technologies  and  basic Linux System Administration. I am constantly updating myself about latest technologies and tools. Some of the recent technologies and tools that I have used include amongst others

  • PHP, MySQL,SqlLite, Apache, Varnish, SOLR
  • Various Amazon Cloud Services – EC2, S3, SQS, SES, RDS, ELB
  • Javascript, JQuery, CSS, HTML5, AngularJS
  • CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, phpUnit, Capistrano
  • Titanium Appcelerator Alloy Mobile Development
  • Platform integration – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Indeed etc..
  • WordPress theme and plugin development
  • Twitter Bootstrap based UI Development


Job Experience &, Software Architect                                                                    2013-present


Lead the engineering efforts of the project and brought it from prototype stage to market. was commissioned by Daimler, Germany with a globally distributed team from 3 countries.


Major accomplishments

  • Brought from prototype stage to market
  • Re-architecting existing local backend logic to a common generic parking platform
  • Architected and built a common scalable cloud hosted REST Web Services Parking platform to be used by Web, Ios and Android clients.
  • Managed and supported the development of the SPA web client and the native ios and android apps.
  • Deep Integration with Tunz/Ogone Payment Providers (European) and integration with Bluetooth gates.
  • Set up Cloud Services, Source Control, Build tools and Agile processes for our globally distributed team


Technologies used : LAMP Stack, CodeIgniter Framework, AWS (EC2,ELB, SES, S3,RDS), Senior Software Engineer                                                                                                2012-2013

Linqia matches brands to digital storytellers and their communities at scale through a seamless technology platform.

  • Built a discovery engine which starting from a defined taxonomy, searches and discovers relevant communities and blogs across the web and aggregate them, find their activity levels, their reach and community leaders’ contact information.
  • Rewrote legacy code in Zend Framework.
  • Redeployed, defined and implemented the scaling architecture on AWS for the existing Linqia platform to be able to scale and support big ad campaigns from multiple brands.


Technologies used : PHP/MySQl, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, SOLR, AWS (EC2,ELB, SQS, S3,RDS)


Freelance Software Engineer/Architect, Entrepreneur                                                                     2007 – present

I have been freelancing and been working with a few startups and agencies in architecture planning, scalability, backend development and general web application consultancy. I have also been doing a few personal projects, both web and mobile.


Recent projects include

  • 2011-14 : Dabbled into mobile app development and used the appcelerator framework to build a few ios data-driven apps that have been published in the app store. Technologies used : Titanium Appcelerator, Javascript


  • 2012 : : Founded and Built from scratch. SocialDine.som  is a peer to peer marketplace for home-cooked food with a social dining aspect to it. I fully developed the site end to end (except graphics design). Site was built on the LAMP stack using the codeigniter mvc framework. It was was deployed on AWS of which I used the EC2, S3, SQS, SES and RDS products.


  • 2012 : Prototype application for a client to create a video resume website using the TokBox Api and Linkedin connect and a job application workflow system, where employers could set up video answer workflows. Technologies used : PHP, Mysql, TokBox Api, Javascript, CodeIgniter framework


  • 2011 : Sub-contract from an agency to build the top videos page/tab for the official facebook page with tracking/reporting of users who vote/view videos. facebook page. Deployed it on google app engine using quercus to interprete PHP running on a JVM. Hundred thousands unique visitors per day.


  • 2011 : : show you job listings at companies where your Facebook friends work or have worked. I designed, architected and scaled the site over various lean agile iterations. Used the facebook graph to scan and get information for all of a user’s friends and the places they worked. and then find current jobs available at all the companies their friends work at and give the users the opportunity to apply for these jobs. Implement a SOLR search engine to index jobs for this project. InTheDoor launched had been featured in Mashable, USNews, AllFacebook, CBS, and on TV news.


  • 2010 : Consulted with blancspot as an architect for their backend data infrastucture and cloud deployment. Performed architecture reviews, code reviews and general project management with an outsourced development team., Software Architect                                                                                                            2009 – 2010

I joined PeerPong as employee number 3 at a very early stage. Peerpong was a question and answer site. People would ask questions and we’ll match the questions to people on twitter who were most likely the experts (the IP of the company). My main focus at peerpong was  mostly on architecting and designing the middle tier layer, databases  and server operations.
Projects included – Used SOLR for indexing of tweets, Facebook Connect implementation, EC2 Cloud Deployment processes, twitter bots to monitor and watch questions being asked on twitter. Development was done using PHP and Mysql on the zend framework mvc framework.


PeerPong was acquired by, Team Leader                                                                                                           2008 – 2009

Lead the software development team. The team was split between San Francisco and Rehovot, Israel. Development was mostly done in Ruby on Rails (RoR) interfacing to a python backend web services. My team (5 engineers)) worked on the RoR front/middle layer. Used a hybrid software agile development methodology. was acquired by MerchantCircle



Yahoo! Inc, Senior Software/Platform Engineer                                                                                 2005 – 2008


Yahoo User Generated Content Platform Group

Worked as part of the Yahoo platform team to implement a User Generated Content (UGC) Platform for all Yahoo! media properties. The platform is a set of REST based web services  and provides photo and video upload, blogging, commenting, rating, profile, tagging and live searches on UGC data for yahoo properties (used by over 30 yahoo properties – e.g. Y! News, Y! Sports, Y! Music, Y! Entertainment, Y! Health, Y! OMG, Y! Autos, Y! Widgets etc)


It was the building blocks used to add user content to any property and supported millions of hits a day or even per hour during promotional campaigns.

I was awarded the Yahoo! Platform Builder Award 2007 for my work on the UGC platform.

My personal contributions to this project include

  • Designed the scalable base framework for the team to build our different web services on.
  • My full source implementations include the blogging, commenting, photo upload and tagging web services.
  • Interfaced with various Yahoo legacy systems and built systems on top of it.


Technologies used to implement the scalable platform was PHP, Mysql (Master-Master with lots of slaves replication), Squid Proxy Server, Apache, load balancing technologies over geographic co-locations.


Yahoo! Education and Yahoo! Kids Group

In my first team at Yahoo!, I worked in a team of 2 engineers to maintain and develop all aspects of Yahoo! Education and Yahooligans websites. We all did the backend, frontend, operations and database administration. We were among the pioneers of using Agile Scrum methodology at Yahoo! Work included lots of real time feed processing, xml/xslt processing, data scrapping, SEO and designing new products.


Technologies Used : PHP, MySQL, Javascript, YUI,  Squid Cache, XSLT


St Jude Children Research Hospital, Software Engineer II                                                                   2002 – 2005

BioTechnology and BioInformatics Group


Worked in the bioinformatics department, helping the scientists in their research by building tools and software for them. Notable projects include the Shared Resource Management system which was used hospital wide for doctors and researchers to submit patient samples for processing in a workflow of different laboratories and correct billing to the departments which requested the services. This system was built in J2EE and I was mostly focussed on the VC (JSPs and Controller Code)  layers of our MVC. We open sourced the tool. ( Also built numerous public, customer facing tools in PHP/Mysql .


Technologies Used : PHP, MySQL, JSP, Java Servlets, Javascript, MooTools


SAIR Linux and GNU Certification, Web Developer                                                                               1999 – 2001


  • Designed Test Management Software to manage thousands of test takers taking SAIR Linux tests worldwide at VUE and Prometric centers.
  • Test Management software interacted with these 3rd party test providers to update our internal databases daily. Test takers also had a web front end to access their scores and certifications status. Software was built using PHP and MySQL database with data parsers written in Perl.
  • Developed Test Question Management and Question Version Control Software in PHP and MySQL.
  • Designed and Implemented the company’s Timesheet and Payroll web based software.
  • Routine MySQL Database Administration and maintenance.



University of Mississippi

Masters of Science in Computer Science


University of Mississippi

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with Honors (Cum Laude)

Minor Emphasis : Management Information Systems



Available upon request


A few Recommendations from peers on LinkedIn

“Nilesh is an outstanding and passionate software engineer. His passion shows up in terms of his dedication, technical skills, and impressive knowledge of the latest web technologies and tools. Nilesh constantly seeks to learn new skills, build new products, and have a good time while he does it. This infectiously positive attitude makes him an even more valuable team member. Nilesh will become an indispensable member of your team, if you can keep up with him. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Mike Grishaver, Director of Product Management, Yahoo!

managed Nilesh indirectly at Yahoo Inc


“Nilesh doesn’t build web 2.0 products, he lives them. He is up on the latest technology, heavily involved in open source, and willing to do what it takes to ship his products and sustain them… Pleasure having him on my team.”

Rajiv Puranik, Director of Network Integration Engineering, Media Group, Yahoo!

managed Nilesh at Yahoo Inc


“Nilesh is a world-class software engineer who is always thinking outside the box and asking “what if?”. Nilesh is an innovative problem solver because he constantly keeps his skills sharp and stays current on the latest technology by working on his own projects in his spare time, which he often generously shares with his colleagues when he is on the job. As a result, I have seen Nilesh come up with perfect solutions to countless challenges and roadblocks during our team’s product development cycle. Nilesh’s passion for excellence is contagious, he gets along with everyone, and he is an invaluable asset to any engineering team. I recommend him highly.”

Ernest Aguayo, Senior Producer and Editor, Yahoo!

worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo! Education and Yahoo! Kids


“Nilesh is easy to work with and always willing to take time out to help or explain things. He is not only great at being an engineer, but he also is awesome at helping to explain things to partners and co-workers. He is always looking to make things better and easier for our clients. Nilesh always is thinking of what is best for the company overall and making sure that we execute against that. Nilesh is a very valuable asset to ANY team he is on! I highly recommend Nilesh!”

Karen Chin, Product Manager, Yahoo!

worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo Inc