Over the past 15 years, I have worked on numerous projects and to keep abreast of latest technologies, the best way for me to learn and know what the latest technologies do is to work on a personal project using that technology.

It’s not possible to showcase all of them, but in this section, as I have the time, I will try to add more of them here.


Alt Text Park2gether.com is a project sponsored and commissioned by Daimler, Germany. The idea of park2gether was like an ‘airbnb for parking spaces’ for either local individuals that have the space or for small/medium businesses that wanted to make extra income when their businesses are closed. Read More
Alt Text Yahoo! UGC Platform  is a set of scalable robust REST based web services and provides photo and video upload, blogging, commenting, rating, profile, tagging and live searches on UGC data for Yahoo! Media properties.  Read More

Alt Text Mauritius News is an iOS app that aggregates News Feeds from Mauritius and presents the user with one place for their Mauritian News. It was built in Titanium appcelerator. Read More
Alt Text Kiva Lender is an iOS app that allows users to browse and view loans and later complete the transaction on kiva.org. It was built in Titanium appcelerator. Read More
Alt Text phpCodeGenie is a project that I worked on several years ago. I worked on that project in year 1999 and now dis-continued. phpCodeGenie is a code generator for php databased backed apps. Read More