I worked as part of the Yahoo platform engineering team to implement a User Generated Content (UGC) Platform for all Yahoo! media properties.We had a clean slate and were given the task to build something that can be used by all different media properties. With a team of 3 engineers, we designed, implemented and push the platform to production and enjoyed seeing adoption and implementation by various verticals and millions of hits daily.

The platform is a set of REST based web services and provides photo and video upload, blogging, commenting, rating, profile, tagging and live searches on UGC data for yahoo properties (used by over 30 yahoo properties – e.g. Y! News, Y! Sports, Y! Music, Y! Entertainment, Y! Health, Y! OMG, Y! Autos, Y! Widgets etc).

The UGC platform was the building blocks used by any property wishing to add user content to their site. As a core platform, we had the mandate to architect and design it to have 100% uptime. Together with the operations team, we set up a robust architecture with multiple servers in different locations, replicating to each other. Our system survived many promotional campaigns where properties using it were featured on the Yahoo! frontpage, thus getting millions of hits over very short burst of time.

For the work on this platform and successful deployment to production and use by many properties, I was awarded the Yahoo! Platform Builder Award for my work on the UGC platform.

My personal contributions to this project include

  • Architected and Designed the scalable Base Framework for the platform. The team used the framework to build different components of the platform.
  • Implemented the blogging, commenting, photo upload and tagging web services.
  • Interfaced with various Yahoo legacy systems and built systems on top of it.

Technologies used to implement the scalable platform was PHP, Mysql (Master-Master with lots of slaves replication), Squid Proxy Server, Apache, load balancing technologies over geographic co-locations.

As it’s was a backend service, no public facing screenshots to show, but instead, i’ll post a picture of the UGC engineering team with David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo!