PARK2GETHER.COM is a project sponsored and commissioned by Daimler, Germany. They partnered with a silicon valley parking startup – to build the app.

The idea of park2gether was like an ‘airbnb for parking spaces’ for either local individuals that have the space or for small/medium businesses that wanted to make extra income when their businesses are closed.

I was hired as the Backend Software Architect for this globally distributed project. The product and development team was split between 3 countries – USA, Germany and India. was launched successfully in 2013 and is in operation in a few cities in Germany.

I lead the project from idea to prototype to market. My role spanned over many different aspects of the project and I was the goto technical person for the project.

Major accomplishments

  • Brought from idea to  prototype to market
  • Re-architecting existing local backend logic to a common generic parking platform
  • Architected and built a common scalable cloud hosted REST Web Services Parking platform to be used by SPA Web, iOS and Android clients.
  • Oversaw and supported the development of the SPA web client and the native iOS and Android apps.
  • Deep Integration with Tunz/Ogone Payment Providers (European). Credit Card processing and Wallet Systems.
  • Integration with Smart Bluetooth gates.
  • Dev Ops role in setting up Cloud Services and Servers, Source Control Server, CI Server, Build tools and Agile processes for our globally distributed team

 Tools/Technologies Used having been built in PHP already and Daimler wishing to leverage some of the existing legacy code, we decided to continue development in PHP. We wanted a light framework and picked CodeIgniter for the backend REST Web Services which I designed and implemented a majority of. For the SPA Web application, we decided to go with Backbone.js and Marionette. We also used amongst other technologies Amazon EC2, RDS, ELB MailChimp, Overture, Git Server, Jenkins and Selenium.


Project ScreenShots