phpCodeGenie is a project that I worked on several years ago. I worked on that project in year 1999. The project has been discontinued for a while now, mainly due to so many new frameworks that have come out that do more or less the same job and my lack of time for it. But, the reason why I am including this project here is because it was my first open source project and it even got me a mention in Wikipedia as the author of it.


I built and launched it on and it had gotten quite a following – people discussed it at a couple of conferences, it was used as a beginner’s PHP teaching tool and the forums and contributions became quite active.

phpCodeGenie was built in the days before many PHP frameworks and PHP ORMs. The idea came to me to built that due to the repetitive nature of many of the new projects I was working on. In each of them, I had to create the database layers, ORM and basic admin pages. So, I thought why not eliminate these and focus on the core business logic – exactly what every single framework does today – not in 1999.

So, the idea of phpCodeGenie was that it would start from the Database and generate code for the Database Access Objects, Views and Controllers. At that time, I was working on J2EE and I based my class generation a lot based on the patterns used in the MVC frameworks of that time.