I have had a keen interest in mobile apps. While professionally, I have mostly been working on the server side backend, I have dabbled in mobile development in my spare time. I followed tutorials for ios and android and built sample apps, but the context switching was difficult if I wanted to develop for both platforms.

So, I looked at cross platform solutions out there and after evaluating a few amongst which phonegap, corona – I chose Titanium Appcelerator as my mobile development platform. Appcelerator provides an all Javascript API.

I have built a few apps on the appcelerator platform which I have put on the app store. These are just hobby apps to test out my newly learnt skills. So, they are not high volume.

SpeakMauritian – A travel phrasebook for the tourists travelling to Mauritius. It features common travel phrases, their mauritian creole translation and the audio for it.

Mauritius News – Mauritius News is a news aggregator for Mauritius. It gathers different RSS feeds and showcase it in an a simple aggregated way for Mauritians. It has been the number 1 in the Mauritian app store News Section numerous time and appeared in the top 10 mauritian Apps too.

IPuja – a Hindu puja

KivaLender –

Gayatri Mantra

These are very simple apps, but it gave me a chance to evaluate the platform and test out some new skill sets I learnt.