I am a big fan of Kiva.org. I have given many loans and try to encourage my friends and family as well to use kiva to help out others. While learning appcelerator.org platform, I wanted to try to build an app that uses a 3rd party API to get data. I thought why not hit two birds with the same stone – build an app that uses the Kiva.org 3rd party api to learn how to use a 3rd party API in an app and at the same time further my goal to spread the mission of Kiva.org to more people.

The app is a browse-only app, as Kiva.org did not have any write or transactional APIs.

The Data comes from Kiva.org Rest API. The graphical charts and all are coming from the Google Charts API.


Some Screen Shots from the App

Description as from the App Store

We want to help spread Kiva by providing an easy way to browse and make kiva loans on your mobile device. The more people we enable to spread the word about Kiva, the more loans will be given, and the more lives will be changed.

KivaLender features

* Loans Feed that gives latest loans being added to kiva in real time.
* Loan Details where you can read about a particular loan, the loan-seeker and their story
* Browse Loans by Countries
* Browse Loans by Sectors
* Kiva Journals to get updates on the loans and progress made
* Kiva Video Journals
* Multiple Loan Addition To MyLoans
* Simple Loan Completion on Kiva.org
* Public Twitter feed from the kiva.org team

KivaLender is a client for Kiva.org. It is NOT built nor endorsed by Kiva.org. It is an app built by a Kiva Fan to help Kiva in their goal to make “Loans that change lives”.

Kiva.org does not have any access to allow 3rd party apps to directly access their accounts and make loans directly on other apps – they want all loans to originate from Kiva.org itself due to security concerns. So, as any other app, this app also won’t have your private loans or ability to make loans. To make loans, it till redirect you to kiva.org after you’ve browsed and picked the loans you want to make. This app is only to allow you to browse the loans, add them to your basket and all these loans will be redirected to Kiva.org to make the actual loan.

Apple App Store Link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kivalender/id480484120?mt=8