The best way for me to learn a new technology is to pick a project with an end-goal and trying to solve it using that particular technology I want to learn. I wanted to learn AngularJS. It is very hard to read technical books and get what the technology actually does in depth.

To learn Angular JS, I decided to build a simple project with the goals to help me understand what does the framework do, how to set it up and get a project on the web with it and to use it’s basic features. I decided to build an SPA that will consume data from a public API and display it. So many public APIs out there – needed to pick one to use with this project. I was recently talking to a friend who works at and he was telling me about their comprehensive API. So, I decided to use that API to get the latest active items on Etsy, view the item details and provide continuous loading. That should give me a good 101 on AngularJS.

Here is the completed project.