The following are testimonials about my work and working with me that my colleagues and peers have written on linkedin.

Nilesh is an outstanding and passionate software engineer. His passion shows up in terms of his dedication, technical skills, and impressive knowledge of the latest web technologies and tools. Nilesh constantly seeks to learn new skills, build new products, and have a good time while he does it. This infectiously positive attitude makes him an even more valuable team member. Nilesh will become an indispensable member of your team, if you can keep up with him. I give him my highest recommendation.

Mike Grishaver, SVP Product at Etsy

Nilesh, is an one of the rare engineers who has both great people and technical skills at the same time. I really enjoyed working with him. He is one of the few engineers that pass my interview questions with flying colors. His hire was a great gain and very critical for TimeBridge. His analytical thinking and dept of his technical knowledge is extremely impressive. Any company that has Nilesh part of its stuff is very fortunate.

Kem Apak, Software Architect, MDM UI at Informatica

Nilesh is dependable, hard-working, and fantastic to work with. His work ethic is beyond reproach and he is easily able to translate technical issues to “non-techies.” Nilesh seamlessly handles quickly changing scenarios and has a lot of creative ideas to make your technical concepts work.

Laura Forrest,Product Marketing at Facebook

It was such a pleasure working with Nilesh on Yahoo! Education. Not only is he an extremely talented engineer, but he is one of the most genuine, sincere people I’ve ever met. He builds fantastic products and continually strives to innovate by bringing his ideas to the table.

Jennifer McDonnell,VP, Partnerships at KIN Community

Nilesh brought me on board at Park2gether/Gottapark. He successfully brought our very complex project from zero to production-ready in 9 months, while managing a team developers. He designs innovative, robust systems. Nilesh is also a great communicator and team leader. He is good at recognizing the needs of the product and translating it into reality. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Ernst Schoen-Rene,Chief Architect, Gottapark

Nilesh is easy to work with and always willing to take time out to help or explain things. He is not only great at being an engineer, but he also is awesome at helping to explain things to partners and co-workers. He is always looking to make things better and easier for our clients. Nilesh always is thinking of what is best for the company overall and making sure that we execute against that. Nilesh is a very valuable asset to ANY team he is on! I highly recommend Nilesh!

Karen Chin, Product Director, Search at Yahoo!

Nilesh is a world-class software engineer who is always thinking outside the box and asking “what if?”. Nilesh is an innovative problem solver because he constantly keeps his skills sharp and stays current on the latest technology by working on his own projects in his spare time, which he often generously shares with his colleagues when he is on the job. As a result, I have seen Nilesh come up with perfect solutions to countless challenges and roadblocks during our team’s product development cycle. Nilesh’s passion for excellence is contagious, he gets along with everyone, and he is an invaluable asset to any engineering team. I recommend him highly.

Ernest Aguayo, Senior Producer and Editor, Yahoo!

Nilesh doesn’t build web 2.0 products, he lives them. He is up on the latest technology, heavily involved in open source, and willing to do what it takes to ship his products and sustain them… Pleasure having him on my team.

Rajiv Puranik, Director of Network Integration Engineering, Yahoo!

I had the pleasure of working with Nilesh when the Education and Kids team was transitioning to Agile methods. He is a very sharp engineer who, early on, saw the benefits that Agile was giving to the team, and he put in extra effort in helping the team out with the transition. He had a plethora of suggestions (during our team retrospectives) on ways in which the team could improve further – ranging small tweaks to make meetings more effective, to self-developed utilities and tools that would help speed up the team’s coding work. I’d jump at the opportunity to work with Nilesh again.

JF Unson, Agile Coach & Senior Technical Program Manager at LinkedIn

Nilesh provided software development support for many major scientific tools and databases. He has excellent sense of project requirements, programming fluency, and meeting or beating the deadlines. I would put everything into one line, if I were to hire anyone I would hire him. He had been remarkably successful and this is a loss for St. Jude that he decided to move on. I wish him success in all his future endeavors

Perdeep Mehta,Research Scientist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

I worked closely with Nilesh on the projects for Yahoo! Education and Yahooligans/Yahoo! Kids web sites. Nilesh is skilled with both back-end engineering and front-end/UI portion which made him an even more valuable team member. I was impressed with how Nilesh kept up with changes in technology and ability to innovate quickly to implement a new feature or solution.

Mary Wang , Software Engineer, Yahoo!

Nilesh is a brilliant backend engineer with impressive PHP skills. He’s the one guy I trust to vet candidates for backend positions. Nilesh always has an innovative solution ready and writes clean object-oriented code. He’s also quite a hacker, always learning new technologies and scoping out new programming trends.

Steve Krutzer, Director of Engineering, Yahoo!

Nilesh is very knowledgeable on his domain. He is very helpful in all areas. He is very serious about his work and always deliver tasks on time, at the same time, he can find time to organize the team to exercise weekly. He is a main contributor on the team.

Jessica Phan, Director of Quality Engineering, Yahoo!

Nilesh is a solid and capable engineer, comfortable on many technologies from system to web applications, and doesn’t hesitate to commit on a schedule. Nilesh is personable and worked well with everybody, he was a strong asset in the team.

Fabien Degauge, CEO, Insapply

I’ve worked with Nilesh in the same team. He is an excellent software engineer, fast problem solver, up to date in knowledge and skills, innovative, always passionate about his work. He’s also a team player, always ready to lend a helping hand.

Annie Quimby, Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo!

Nilesh is smart guy. He is able to see the larger picture of software systems, designing with the future in mind. He is used to designing systems from the ground up. He’s flexible and willing to consider other points of view when it comes to coding.

Aurora Skarra-Gallager, Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo!

I worked with Nilesh on the Yahoo! Kids team. He was very personable and easy to work with — and just a fun guy to be around! I’m not a technical person, but he must have been a good engineer, because another team stole him from Yahoo! Kids, and we were very sad to lose him.

Michele Meyer, Producer, Yahoo!


Nilesh was a tremendous asset to the team. His quick turn around and knowledge of the subject matter made it easy to convey the request and get the best output. He constantly pushed the envelope in being cutting edge with databases and web interfaces. His affable mannerisms made him a favorite partner on most projects.

Suraj Mukatira, Research Scientist,St Jude Children Research Hospital

During his tenure at St. Jude, Nilesh and I worked closely on many aspects of our Shared Resource Management application. Nilesh was solely responsible for developing many aspects of our web user interface, all of which are still in heavy production use today. He has been recognized as a coauthor on all subsequent publications referencing this system. Nilesh also singlehandedly delivered on multiple web applications across a wide variety of domans, including a gene annotation database, mouse brain gene expression database, and freezer management application. Nilesh always strived to keep his technical skills on the cutting edge and to deliver his applications with a keen attention to detail and code quality. Not only was he technically excellent, he was also an extremely pleasant individual with whom to work. He always brought with him a great attitude and his joy for life was contagious. I heartily recommend Nilesh as a software engineer

Matt Stine, Senior Software Engineer, St Jude Children Research Hospital