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My name is Nilesh Dosooye and I am a Software Engineer based in Silicon Valley with a strong interest in Web Development, Scalability, Web Services, Software Development Processes, and recently Mobile Development. I’m always learning new things, and staying up to date with the newest technologies.

I am very passionate about what I do. My several years of experience has been mostly in building scalable web based applications and web services. I have excellent experience building enterprise and consumer applications and scaling them in the cloud ecosystem. My primary skills and strengths are mostly backend and architecture, but I have worked on frontend when needed and enjoyed it too. Recently I have also been dabbling with mobile application development using Titanium Appcelerator to publish a few apps.

I have experience working in Corporate culture (Yahoo!) as well as very early stage startups with limited resources. I love taking products from conception to reality as efficiently as possible.

I can understand not just the technical details of a project, but the goals and strategies of the business as well.This allows me to make wise executive decisions about the resources that a project needs and the most profitable directions to work in.

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