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Nov 12 12

Boondi Besan Laddoos for Divali

by nileshd

For the occasion of Divali I thought I’ll make some Boondi Besan Laddoos. They are one of the staples in Mauritius for Diwali sweets. It’s one of the easiest things to make as it needs very little ingredients – Besan and Sugar basically at the least minimum ;)

I took pictures of each of the steps I took while preparing the laddoos.


Syrup (Make in advance and let it cool down)

Make a simple syrup. 1:1 Sugar and Water. Add the water and sugar and mix very well and put to a boil for some 20 minutes or so, stirring it once in a while. You can add some cardamon to it for more flavor




Step 1 : Start with 2 cups Besan (Gram) Flour (


Step 2 : Add water to the Besan till you get a semi thick paste


Step 3 : Once the dough is ready, you need to fry them, but you need to fry them in such a way such that they come out in little pieces. I don’t have the right kitchen ustensil for it. So, I made an impromptu one by cutting a small hole in a ziplock bag and using it to pour the dough in oil.


Step 4: Using the ziplock bag dough pourer, pour the dough in the hot oil in circular thin lines 


Step 5 : Drain the oil from the fried dough and then break it apart in small pieces.


Step 6 : Put the little pieces of fried dough in the syrup and let it absorb some syrup for 5 minutes or so and then drain off and put on a plate.


Step 7 : Crush all the syrup soaked dough pieces together. Add some almond slivers and some cardanom seeds (peeled) to the mixture.


Step 8 : Make small golf ball size balls out of the mixture



Nov 9 12

802 pennies — What my one year of spare change is equal to !!

by nileshd

Finally brought that coin jar where I’ve been dumping all my pocket change to a coinstar location. Never would have guessed 802 pennies !!!


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Nov 1 12

Halloween 2012 in SF !

by nileshd

Despite the rainy wet and cold weather, people (including me) were out in the Castro district tonight to partake in Halloween festivities.


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Oct 2 12

Summer is finally here in San Francisco… Clearest nights warmest night I’ve ever experienced in SF !

by nileshd

One of warmest, clearest nights ever in SF… I think it’s the first time I can wear a tshirt and be out late at night. Went to Coit Tower an Bernal Heights to catch some glimpses of this beautiful city !!


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Sep 27 12

SF Giants Game with the work peeps

by nileshd

Perfect weather to go see the SF giants play the Arizona Diamondbacks. 3 Homeruns !!


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Sep 22 12

Foursquare Checkin: Hub SoMa – Angel hack big data hackathon

by nileshd

Angel hack big data hackathon

Hub SoMa

( ) for 4sq infos about the venue

click here for Google Map in new window/tab

September 22, 2012 at 11:26AM

Sep 18 12

Vegetarian Japanese Food at Cha-Ya restaurant in the mission

by nileshd

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Sep 18 12

Mauritian Summer 2012 Picnic at Foster City – Bay Area Mauritians

by nileshd

We had our annual summer picnic for the Mauritians in the Bay Area at the Leo J Ryan park in Foster City this year. For the last few years, we have been having the picnics in South Bay and this year, we decided to move it up the peninsula. We once had the event here in 2006 and I thought it’d be a good place to have it again this year. We had a good turnout of Mauritians from all over the bay and a good variety of food and a few new Mauritian people who had found the group. Glad to have them join us and be part of our Californian Mauritian family !


Poudine Mais
Sep 14 12

Burning Man : El Pulpo Mechanico – The Fire Throwing Mechanical Octopus

by nileshd

One of the most awesome fire art cars at Burning Man was the “El Pulpo Mechanico”. Definitely if there were prizez for most creative, most awesome, most fire throwing, most crowd attracting, most mysterious, most charismatic, El Pulpo mechanico would have gotten all my votes !!

From their official website – , it seems that El Pulpo was designed and created by 3 persons and was made mostly from scrap and recyled metal. From the artists’ own words — “The “El Pulpo” is a combination of art and technology melded together. We built this knowing that it would be fun to watch as the giant cam spun up through the center moving the tentacles and eyes in and out while fire spewed from the tentacles and head. No hydraulics or computers were used in this contraption. We built the sculpture primarily out of recycled and used junk found at our local scrap yard.”

After Burning Man, there has even been the Chuch of El Pulpo Mechanico created, where followers of El Pulpo can worship the Great El Pulpo (




[wpvideo aW9pAC41]



Sep 14 12

Burning Man : Dust storms, Whiteouts, dust, dust, dust everywhere…

by nileshd

This year, Burning Man was particular dusty and windy – hence tons of dust storms at the spur of the moment. One night, it was total white out for most of the night. Goggles, respirators and other protection from the dust was crucially important this year. While the dust storms and white outs is a unique experience to be stuck in, after the first few whiteouts, it becomes more of a hassle than anything else, but definitely this is the one of the key things that contributes to the atmosphere at Burning Man.